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Welcome to BuildMuscle.nz. Here, our mission is to help you build and develop the physique you have always wanted.

Welcome to BuildMuscle.nz

Our Mission .

Whether you have recently started lifting weights for the first time, or you have years of experience, we provide tips from experts all around the country to help you develop your strength and physique so you can reach your personal targets. Whilst all types of exercising is great for building and developing muscles, weight lifting in particular is best for muscle development and growth. However, when you first start lifting weights it is hard to know where to start. What kind of diet do you use? What kind of routine should you develop? How much weight should you lift? The questions are endless. Our aim is to provide you with the content you need in order to meet your personal goals. Whether you want to lose weight and build up muscle or whether you want to gain weight in order to build muscle, we have the tips and tricks that you can use in order to reach your goals and potential.

We have writers who source content from:

A range of professional weightlifters, personal trainers and nutrition experts to provide you with the largest range of information available online. This information comes straight from the mouths of these experts, including their own personal routines that they used to build their muscle and overall mass. On our site you will not only find different workout routines, but also various diets and nutrition tips that can be used depending on your personal goals. Together, we can provide you with the knowledge to achieve your goals, building up muscle that you have never had before and achieving new goals and targets throughout the year.

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Cardio Trainings 90%
Crossfit 85%
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